I am so excited to share this blog post with you!  If you follow my account on Instagram, you are well aware of my DIY, holiday + baking passions!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Sharing our Halloween + Fall front porch here allows me to give more detailed steps to share with you! 

Home Sweet Home

We live in an old ranch style home built in 1952, lots of character, lots of charm, and also LOTS up updates always being needed.  I painted our olive green door this robins  blue color on our one year anniversary living in our home.  I have loved how it popped against our cream color stucco and wood shutters, however it was time for a change.  And besides, I just love pink.  
I shared a while back on our Instagram feed that I had been highly inspired by this pretty pink door by A beautiful mess (Instagram @abeautifulmess) .  First, I think it's classic, secondly, it accompanies all seasonal/holiday decor and third, it just plain super FUN. (Featured image)  As much as I love the white printed brick pathway from www.abeautifulmess.com - there is no way I could talk my husband into painting ours!
First things first....narrow down that color choice (I am by no means a color expert or trained in exterior/interior design, but I am really good at finding lots of inspo pictures to help narrow down my choices) It is highly recommended that you have a sample of your exterior paint (or swatch) and match it next to your desired door color.  This makes all the difference, as lighting and other exterior weather conditions (sunny, gloomy) affect how your paint curb appeal will look. For those wondering, our outdoor paneling/stucco is painted an off-white color (Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams).  Because of the off-white tone, I wanted to use a pink shade that was more subtle and less bright.   

Which paint is best for outdoors?

I decided on Rose Colored by Sherwin Williams (SW 6303).  It was recommended to me to use the Snap Dry paint base, as it is suitable for outdoor weather and dries quickly. 
I am probably the worst painter because I do not take the time to "set up" and tape off areas not being painted.  LOL.  It's better if you can remove the lock/handle, in our case I did not because its been painted around several times and I do not feel I need to worry about it.  I prefer to roll the paint on versus a brush, but will use a 1" brush to touch up the corners and crevices of the door panels.  Yes, I use a foil pan to pour paint into :) 
I ended up needing to apply three coats, but this tiny quart size was more than enough needed.  I still had 1/2 quart left, and I used to paint pumpkins to match!

Painting Pumpkins!



Easy porch update with fall + spooky (once Halloween is celebrated, its super easy to just remove the spiders, webs and wreath and still keep everything else through Thanksgiving.  This wreath is a Home Goods find for $16.99, Pottery Barn sells something very similar for close to 3x the price!  I just added the bats and obtained a similar look.  Mr. Skelly has a party hat on and sits cozy on our porch bench!  Oversized spiders are from Target!  They are available in a couple sizes and even larger than this!  These were super affordable at $9.99 each!  The plastic jack o' lanterns are able to be plugged in to light up and are both from Walmart!  $15.98 for the large and $6.98 for the smaller size.
Here is a closer view of the wreath!  I only added the bats hanging down and the few surrounding the wreath!
We really love how the pink door turned out. Throughout the day it resembles so many different shades!  I feel it will transition well with all holidays including Christmas! Let me know what you think!
Xx  Jen




  • So cute. Great job! 😀

    Chandra Rodriguez
  • Will you be getting more sizes in the magic Christmas pullover? looking for a 4/5.
    Thank you,

    Lynn Monks

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